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DVAC Spotlights the Vital Role of Vascular Access Centers During National Kidney Month, Raises Concerns Over Clinical Labor Cuts

March 15, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC — The Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition (DVAC) is leveraging National Kidney Month as an opportunity to underscore the critical importance of vascular access centers (VACs) and office-based providers for individuals undergoing dialysis, and to voice serious concerns over the repercussions of repeated cuts to these essential services.

Office-based Providers at vascular access centers of excellence (VACs) are essential to providing quality vascular access services to ESRD patients. VACs serve as specialized, patient-focused centers dedicated to providing vascular access creation and preservation services in the office or ASC setting. These settings, preferred by patients due to their reduced risk of infection and hospitalization, lead to improved outcomes for patients.

DVAC is disappointed that Congress has not acted to safeguard this crucial aspect of patient care. The implementation of the 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS), effective from January 1st, introduces clinical labor cuts that will undoubtedly force more local providers to close their doors.

Dr. Dean Preddie, the policy chair for DVAC, stated, "This National Kidney Month, we are determined to once more highlight the indispensable role played by vascular access centers within our nation’s healthcare system. It is crucial for federal policy makers to move quickly to prevent further damage to patient care."


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