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Letter to Editor: Congress Must Pass Life-Saving Legislation, Curb Cuts to Medicare Reimbursements

September 11, 2023

Dr. Dean Preddie

One of the biggest threats to public health is something you may not have even heard about: the system consolidation of care. In recent years our healthcare system has been squeezed to a breaking point as rising costs, shrinking Medicare reimbursements for office-based providers, and the strain of the pandemic have pushed many providers to be bought out by large hospitals or shutter altogether. It is similar to when a mom and pop hardware store has to close due to a new big box store in the area. This consolidation has serious impacts on patients, especially those living in underserved areas. Fewer providers mean longer wait times for patients and a lower quality of care. 

Office-based specialists like me play a critical role in treating patients who suffer from cancer, end stage renal disease, fibroids, cardiovascular issues, and many other diseases, but we are fighting an uphill battle as Medicare faces yet another round of cuts to provider reimbursements. These cuts are putting providers out of business and putting patients at risk of serious illness and even death. There is hope though – right now Congress is considering H.R. 3674, the "Providing Relief and Stability for Medicare Patients Act of 2023," which would stop the ongoing cuts to office-based specialists. This is crucial legislation that will address insufficient Medicare physician payments and ensure the continuity of vital office-based specialty care, preventing specialists from going out of business and leaving patients without care.

As a vascular surgeon, I urge Congress to move quickly to pass H.R. 3674. This legislation will improve access to medical care for my patients and millions more around the country.

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